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“World's First Tattoo By An Industrial Robot" Revealed

The Fanuc M-710iC robot, more commonly used in the automotive business, was programmed to tattoo a spiral shape onto the decrease part of a man's leg. AFTERCARE — Three Kings Tattoo , the French design team behind the venture, are calling it "the world's first tattoo by an industrial robotic". Together with engineering researcher David Thomasson, they modified the robotic to place a tattoo gun on the end of its arm. Thomasson, who labored alongside the workforce at an artists in residence programme headed up by software firm Autodesk.

After rigorous well being and safety checks and experiments on pretend flesh and body parts, an Appropriate Audiences team member was strapped into the chair to be tattooed. The staff first 3D-scanned his lower leg to analyse how deep the needle may penetrate. They then inputted the scan into Autodesk's Dynamo software - a programming atmosphere that lets designers visualise parametric, conceptual designs and to automate tasks.

The code produced by means of the software was exported to create a set of directions for the robotic. Its arm pierces the pores and skin based on the dictated sample, whereas concurrently washing the wound in an ink bath to make the design everlasting. Before participating within the artist in residency programme, the Paris design studio combined a 3D printer with a tattooist's needle to type an automatic tattoo "printer". Dezeen at the time.

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